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Property Contamination

Property Contamination

While oil and gas exploration and drilling companies can create an economic boom in the regions they tap into for profits by creating jobs, supporting businesses, and leasing or purchasing property, these oil and gas operations can also have a dark side. When such a company leases Louisiana land for their business, they are legally obligated to return the land in what is considered to be "reasonably good" condition; if they fail to uphold this responsibility, the owner of the land could have grounds for a claim.

Negligent and reckless corporations can scar landscapes, contaminate land and water supplies with chemicals and waste, and leave behind equipment that pollutes property and exposes people to danger. As a result, property owners and residents may face serious health issues and financial losses, including drastic declines in their property's market value. The property contamination attorneys of Gene Toscano’s are committed to helping residents throughout Louisiana, as well as Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the United States who have been harmed by companies engaged in oil and gas operations, including hydraulic fracturing – or "fracking" – which has exploded throughout the Haynesville shale in northeast Louisiana, as well as the Eagle Ford shale region in south Texas.

Have you suffered from land or water contamination?

At Gene Toscano’s, we have vast experience in helping landowners recover damages from oil and gas companies for environmental damage to their properties. These cases are commonly known as "legacy litigation," because they often involve claims that stem from corporate malfeasance that has occurred over a period of several decades and involve land that has been in a family's name for generations. The purpose of the litigation is to:

  • Compensate the landowners or area residents for the harm they've suffered;
  • Restore the contaminated property to an acceptable condition; and
  • Protect the region from any possible future harm caused by the contamination.

Oil and gas companies may scar a landscape with ruts, trenches, slush pits, and mud pits. They may leave behind drilling rigs, wells, compressor stations, and pipelines. The waste produced by their operations may also contain harmful metals, salts, hydrocarbons, and toxic chemicals. A Congressional committee, for instance, has evaluated substances that companies have used in fracking and identified what it called 29 "compounds of concern." Some are proven or possible carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, while the federal government has listed others as hazardous water or air pollutants.

Production waste can poison vegetation, sterilize soil, and seep into a region's aquifers, wells, rivers, creeks, and lakes, which leads to contamination of water sources that people rely on for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. As a result of this contamination, residents may be exposed to neurological, gastrointestinal, and cancerous illnesses. In many cases, the oil and gas companies may have failed to live up to promises they made in a contract or neglected to adhere to their own policies and procedures for containing the oil, gas, and foreign elements associated with their operations.

At our firm, we work with highly qualified oil and gas industry experts and environmental experts who can help us to determine the level of contamination caused by oilfield and fracking operations. These experts are then able to arrive at fair estimates of what it will take to compensate those who have been harmed and to clean up their property (commonly called a "remediation plan").

Land Damage Caused by Texas Corporations in Louisiana

While some oil and gas companies are mindful of the aftermath of their drilling and exploration, some are reckless and apathetic. This can lead to the scarring of land and even contaminating the local water supply. At Gene Toscano’s, we have seen the damage that large corporations can cause; for example, across the more rural areas of Louisiana one can see the scars of these corporation's activities in ruts, trenches, and mud pits. Sometimes, the equipment is just left as a visual blemish.

There is a more serious side of this as well. Depending on the activities of the corporations, vegetables can be poisoned, the soil can lose its fertility and the water supply can become toxic. At our firm, we believe that the firms should be held liable for the damage that they have caused; we remain committed to ensuring that we compensate both residents in the area as well as landowners. Our litigation also focuses on restoring the damaged property and ceasing from future harm.

Taking on companies that bring economic activity to a region while at the same time causing widespread environmental and health problems for residents can be a difficult proposition. The companies are powerful and able to mount heavy popular support for their oil and gas operations. Still, justice requires that they be held accountable for the harm they cause, and impacted residents and landowners must stand up for their rights. Our firm always puts our clients' interests first, and we will fight hard for them.

It is our ultimate goal to hold negligent and reckless companies accountable for their wrongful acts and to secure the compensation that our clients need to repair their land and their lives. We aggressively pursue settlements of claims for our clients, but we are primed to take a case to trial at a moment's notice. With our record of obtaining substantial verdicts and settlements, oil and gas companies – and their insurance defense attorneys – know that we mean serious business.

Contact a property contamination attorney today!

If oil and gas companies caused serious property contamination, they should not be allowed to move forward without taking responsibility for their actions. No matter whether they were involved in fracking or if they were otherwise participating in dangerous activities without following proper procedure, you can be confident knowing that a San Antonio personal injury lawyer from our firm will be prepared to do everything that we can to protect our clients. Our legal team is skilled at navigating through the complex maze of state and federal statutes, contract law principles, and tort doctrines that provides avenues to relief for impacted landowners and residents. We also have experience in managing litigation that involves multiple plaintiffs as well as a variety of different corporate defendants, including domestic and foreign oil and gas companies.

We know that these cases are complicated; after all, we are going against a corporation that is bringing in large amounts of revenue for the area. We, however, believe that they should not be above the law and will take an aggressive approach towards holding them responsible for their actions. We will put the best interests of our clients above all and will fight for the maximum recovery possible. We are available seven days a week, all hours of the day, to assist our clients in any way we can, including helping them to receive the best medical coverage available while their claim is pending. So don't waste a moment, call today.

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