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Plant & Refinery Accidents

Helping Injured Industrial Workers Fight for Maximum Compensation

If you are an industrial worker who is employed at a production plant or oil refinery, then you very well know the dangers that you face on a daily basis. There are many different types of plants, such as chemical plants, power plants, and refineries. These all present their own sets of challenges and potential hazards.

Plants and refineries are similar to many industrial workplaces as more common accidents can happen, such as slip and fall accidents. To better avoid these accidents, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) has set up rules and regulations for plants and refineries to follow. If an accident investigation shows that these standards were violated, then the responsible parties can be held accountable. Unfortunately, many of these accidents can be avoided as the most common cause of plant and refinery accidents is human error.

The Danger of Chemical Plant Accidents

Due to the volatile nature of the chemicals involved at chemical plants, it is absolutely crucial for workers to handle these substances correctly in order to avoid potential injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen—including those that could have been avoided through more care and caution being taken at the workplace. As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pointed out, some of the most common causes of chemical plant accidents include the use of poorly-designed equipment, poor hazard review, inadequate indications of process condition, and ignored warnings about potential problems—all of which could have been corrected prior to an accident occurring.

Types of Accidents at Plants & Refineries

The most common cause of plant and refinery accidents is negligence. Whether that be the negligence of the employer, maintenance worker, or third party, it typically is what causes things like explosions, fires, and other disasters. Statistically, America is the number one country for death by explosion with a total of 197 deaths. These incidents do not have to be large in order to be deadly. While many accidents, such as the Texas City refinery explosion, are large in magnitude, many smaller accidents are just as deadly.

Below is a list of the most common types of plant and refinery accidents:

  • Chemical Plant Accidents: Chemicals are toxic materials and highly flammable, which means that production plants for chemicals are extremely dangerous. If proper safety regulations are not held to, machine malfunctioning, improper handling, or another kind of negligence can cause serious accidents.
  • Oil Refinery Plant Accidents: Oil refineries are a type of plant at which crude oil is turned into various types of petroleum products. These plants develop things such as gasoline and heating oil. Because oil is refined by a process of heating crude oil, overheating is a common cause of accidents at refineries. Defective equipment, malfunctioning equipment, and unseen corrosion are common factors contributing to accidents.
  • Fertilizer Plant Explosion: The production of inorganic fertilizer is large business in the state of Texas; however, due to the explosive nature of many of the materials, it can be highly dangerous. For example, in 2013, one plant near Waco, TX exploded, leaving hundreds injured and more than 70 dead.
  • Plant and Refinery Explosions: Among other types of accidents that can take place at manufacturing plants and refineries such as chemical spills, these work environments are prone to serious explosion accidents. The prolonged lack of proper maintenance and care for equipment is typically the cause.
  • Plant and Refinery Fires: Often in conjunction with explosions, but sometimes occurring in isolated instances, plant and refineries can be prone to fire. Chemicals, crude oil, and similar materials are highly flammable. If not handled properly they could result in a fire.

Why contact an accident attorney from Gene Toscano?

Since the cause of most plant and refinery accidents is human error, if you were injured in one of these accidents then you are likely entitled to a personal injury claim. For example, your employer may be found to have acted negligently by not providing adequate training to employees. Those responsible for the maintenance of machines may be found to have been negligent if their neglect of maintenance led to an equipment malfunction. You may be unsure of what factor caused your accident and injury, but this is exactly why you should seek help from a personal injury attorney. At Gene Toscano, we have helped hundreds of industrial workers just like you obtain recoveries for their injuries. We are proud to fight for the rights of injured victims, and should you become our client, we will do the same for you.

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